Every producer's missing business partner

mprs combines a team of industry experts with proprietary technology to create the music industry’s first master royalty-specific administration platform. On behalf of producers, mixers, and catalog owners, mprs ensures catalogs are complete and all master royalties are properly calculated and paid.

Find Money

Continuous, real-time desktop auditing of multiple projects at once

Collect Everything

Maintain a definitive production discography with our proprietary tools

Get Insights

Business intelligence and analysis to support negotiating strategy and catalog valuation

Core Capabilities

mprs does for producers and mixers on the master royalty side what a publisher does for a songwriter, streamlining the tracking, collection and administration of royalties from all sources and making them accessible in a proprietary online portal. Our goal is to ensure all royalties are tracked, all missing money is recovered and all creators are paid promptly and accurately.

feature Collection

Collect royalties and statements directly from each payor. Receive, catalog, and ingest historical statements. Track down missing payments, statements and contracts. Build and maintain your definitive discography.


Analyze each royalty statement for accuracy, and compare to contract terms. Reconcile royalty payments with each historical statement Conduct a continuous real time ‘desktop audit’ of all titles in a catalog.


Create and issue a single, understandable royalty statement and payment. Make all of your master royalties visible and accesible via the mprs platform. Invoice for new projects on your behalf.


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